Jacksonville Northside Football Head Coach in hot water


Jacksonville NC:

There have been serious allegations made against Jacksonville Northside HS football coach Kenneth Pollock. According to a parent of one of the Northside football players, coach Pollock became furious after last Friday night loss to New Hanover. She says her son played the whole game up until the last two minutes when he then ask coaching staff to take him out of the game. He felt he had injured his arm and could not continue. When the player told the coach he needed to come out, the coach responded by saying, (We’re losing our ass, now we have fake injuries”. The heat picked up a notch or two when the team got in the locker room. The student/player states that inside the locker room coach Pollock told him he was off the team and demanded that he take everything off that belonged to Northside HS. While the kid is standing in is underwear the coach then told him to “ Get the Fuck out of my locker room!” Two students called their parents and tried to get the kid a ride home but all parents said they were to far away already. The student then approached assistant coach John Knowles and was cut off in mid sentence with the coach saying, “ get out of my face!” then instructed the rest of the team to board the bus.

The team boarded the bus and rode right pass their disgraced teammate. As most of you know, New Hanover County was ranked # 2 in the U.S. for drug abuse. This kid was left with no money, no food or water, no ID and a cell phone at 30% in an out of the way area around Legion Field. The only businesses open near by were a gas station and a local bar. The student states that 3 men tried to take his phone away, but he ran and got away from them. He placed a call to his girlfriend in Jacksonville and hid behind a bush until she arrived almost two hours later.

Pollock allegedly called a student on Saturday and ask “ did your home boy make it back”

During this whole fiasco, the police were not notified, the parents were not notified nor were school officials notified. A student/player left almost two hours away from home that should have had a safe way to return home. On the same bus that got him there. The coach made no effort to insure the students’ safety.

The Onslow County School Board and the Onslow county District Attorney’s office have been made aware of this situation and the District Attorneys office says they will make a decision on Tuesday whether there will be charges filed.

Regardless of how this plays out, the very people that were responsible for him abandoned him!


  1. That coach and his assistant should be charged with negligent and child endangerment period and abandonment I cannot believe that two adults who sworn to protect and guide our children teach them could carry out such an act. 2 hrs away My child graduated from this school he played football. And I promise. You I would have had everyone’s head starting with both coaches because one should have made sure that child was on that bus no excuses. They both should be fired No questions

  2. A onslow county PARENT on

    What has a sports come too if you don’t win then you get left behind he as a parent knew that it was wrong and then he wouldn’t want no one to leave his child behind and why wasn’t the police notified they should have been on site as well as in the locker room he ought to lose his job and his status as a coach also not be able to coach no-one nowhere because he’s worried about the win and not about the children themselves

    • If that had been my kid that this horrible thing happend to..I would have been to their houses before they got home. This is a sorry excuse for a coach and assistant coach. What’s right is right. And what’s wrong is wrong. They should be Fired. No questions asked. And then I’d seek legal action on them, the school and the school system. Rant over!

  3. I’ve been hearing for years about what a nasty man he is and how horribly he treats the kids, so why did it have to go this far for it to come out publicly?

    • Crystal Hinton on

      That’s my question? Why was the man allowed and trusted with these young men when his reputation was evident, and he is mentally & emotionally abusive? Winning games seemed to deem more important than kids having low self esteem.

      He was not a role model nor did he invest any values or life lessons for these young men to encompass so he was a waste of space for EVERYBODY.

      I would have whooped his A** and prayed afterwards asked God for forgiveness & called my pastor to vent my transgressions lol

  4. That should be a no question answer why in the hell would you leave a child, somebody else’s child that you are responsible for in another city this man should be put in jail let alone fired y’all crazy for even not doing this like, that man should automatically went to jail he should have automatically got fired he neglected somebody else’s kids when he was responsible for him fired fired fired

  5. I would like to know why didn’t the opposing school do anything or if they were aware of the situation I coach 10u football and I preach to my kids coaches and parents it’s not all about winning let’s learn the correct way to play this game and have fun I know at the high school level it’s a lil different but my God is it that much difference where you put a kid in danger if so I’ll never coach at any school level

  6. If that was my child I would approach those coaches and ask why first and then I would see if I could file charges

  7. Lenny Crunkilton on

    Had that been my kid treated like that i be knocking on the coaches door and knocking his ass out wouldn’t need cops involved he need an ambulance he not a coach he an idiot


    really sad!! The kid gets hurt, the coach then goes ROGUE! These players/kids look up to these coaches and mentors and life coaches as well as the sports they play. Wonder what life lesson this has taught this player?!?! totally uncalled for response by this coach and the staff !!

  9. Disgusted Parent on

    Northside has another equal POS named Jeffrey Cobb. I can tell you just as appalling stories about him at Northside and White Oak high school. Onslow County Schools has a bad habit of protecting worthless teachers by reassigning them elsewhere in the county. They’re too desperate to fire them.

  10. All adults on that bus who are employed by the district should be disciplined. One of them should have intervened on some level and/or stayed with the student. An absolute disgrace, illegal and immoral action on the part of adults who were charged with his safety.

  11. We are rightfully indignant with this ” coach” yet many ignore the far greater damage caused to these kids through multiple hits to the head. Kids should not be playing tackle football ! Period.
    Stop CTE.org

  12. Every parent need to pull their kids off this team and demand charges against this two. Be glad it wasn’t my kid is all I’ll say!!

  13. Monica Timmons on

    My husband would of killed someone!l Leaving a child/teenager is unacceptable…. He should be fired and removed a the football coach. Other parents should be made as well.

  14. So so many things wrong here if these are actually the facts. Regardless of position we are supposed to use sports as a supplement to what the school and the community are and should be doing to help citizens communities and schools prepare young people for life beyond sports. If there was a relationship between the coach and the player, certainly poor performance or injury should not supersede a bond. If the coach left that CHILD in that situation he is Guilty of Neglect as he was left in charge of the minor and all whom hired him should be held accountable for these actions as there obviously has been other situations of impropriety. As for the coaches there really are no words to describe the Hell they will live in when life ends.

  15. Both coaches should be fired . I have heard this coach has an abusive temper towards his players . Why has it gotten this far ? Grow a pair and stand up !

  16. Completely dumbfounded on

    I would have killed him and any other adult/coach that knew they were leaving my child behind. I hope they are all fired, humiliated and stripped to their underwear and paraded around!!! Furthermore, when did football become a 1 player sport?? Last I checked it was a team that loses??? I am horrified no one turned around, your children called you asking to go pick him up???? Lawsuit Lawsuit Lawsuit…….. no wonder our world is so f’ed up!! What are we teaching are children. I hope Onslow is prepared to pay for his college, house, beach house and car.

  17. Has there been any follow up? I feel like as a community we need to demand there are consequences for his negligent actions. Uhhm, the two players who called parents, why did no one turn around for this young man?

  18. This is ridiculous The whole coaching staff should be fired. Why wouldn’t either of the coaches stand up for the young Man or get off the bus and stay with him. They sat back and watched a bus that brought all them there leave a kid 2hrs away from home. What kind of men or cowards are on this coaching staff to let this happen. I would have all there butts fired. Hopefully the law would get to them first because I wouldn’t be able to hold back my anger. I’m pissed and I don’t even know the kid. Dysfunction at its best

  19. Let me just say. Monday morning would have not came fast enough.
    I would been there when they opened the school door along with my entire family.
    He would had to called those coaches in office right then and there.
    Not only would have not file charges but I am suing the principal, coach, and school system.
    I would have demanded that he be arrested. Knowing my brothers like I do his best bet would he better
    stay in the school all day and night because they would have been waiting for him.
    They would have found where he lived I am telling it would been on.

  20. Shame on everyone on that bus….how dare you leave a minor alone two hrs away from home….over a football game. Grow up ….. hopefully the day will do the right thing and file charges against all the adults…

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