Charges Filed in 24 year old murder case


Wayne County NC:

On February 7, 2017, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office was contacted by officials from the Livingston Parrish Sheriff’s Office in Livingston, Louisiana. The officials reported that they had a person in their jurisdiction that has confessed to them about committing a murder in WayneCounty, NC in 1993. The person, Allen Deaver told them that he had killed his son-in-law, Sidney Maurice Gregory, by beating him and then setting his mobile home on fire with him in it. Wayne County Detectives started researching this and with the help of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation did discover an unsolved case meeting the description Deaver gave, that occurred on February 7, 1993. (Mr. Deaver confessed in Livingston, La. on the 24th anniversary of the murder.) The location of the crime at the time was Route 2, Box 318 Seven Springs. This location is on Highway 111 in the Seven Springs community. It was reported that Mr. Gregory was found in the bedroom of his burned mobile home. The death certificate for Mr. Gregory showed that he died from blunt force trauma. Lieutenant Shawn Harris was assigned to follow up on the case and he was assisted by the NCSBI. After interviews were conducted with several people in and around Wayne County Harris and SBI ASAC Reid Sasser traveled to Livingston Parrish Louisiana. They met with officers with the Livingston Parrish Sheriff’s Office who helped them arrange an interview with Allen Deaver and his wife Karen. After completing the interview they returned to North Carolina, completed their investigation and filed a report with the District Attorney’s Office. The case was submitted to a Wayne County Grand Jury on April 3, 2017. A Grand Jury Indictment was issued for First Degree Murder on Allen Deaver on April 5, 2017. The Louisiana Authorities were notified and took custody Deaver in custody. Arrangements are being made to have Deaver transported back to Wayne County to stand trial for the charge.

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