North Carolina Court Records: Case 1202015707507 details for Aanensen Mathew Thomas

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Case Number:1202015707507
Case Filing Court Type:IF
Defendant Street Address:7607 TESH RD
Defendant City Address:MONROE
Defendant State Address Abbreviation:NC
Defendant Address Zip Code:28110
Defendant Race Code:W
Defendant Sex Code:M
State Road Number Where Incident Occurred:US601
State Highway Patrol Area Number:03
Defendant Driver’s License State Abbreviation:NC
Type of Process Served on the Defendant:Citation
Citation Number:15829F0
Warrant/Citation Date of Issuance:07-15-2015
Date the Case Was Originally Created in the System:07-16-2015
Original Process Service Date:07-15-2015
Case Trial Date:09-18-2015
Case Trial Court Session:Morning Session
State Highway Patrol Troop and District Number:E9
Accident Type:Near Accident or No Accident
Date of Last Update to the Case Record:09-21-2015
Continued Accumulator – by Defense:00
Continued Accumulator – by the State:00
Continued Accumulator – by the Judge:00
Continued Accumulator – by Unreached Verdict:00
Vehicle Type Code ‒ See Appendix B:PU
Calendar Sequence:NNN
Commercial Vehicle Flag:C
Hazardous Material Flag:L
District Court Attorney Type:5
Vehicle License Number:749 NC
Calendar Number:5
Date Offense Disposed:09-21-2015
Bond Amount:N
Trailer Type:**
Citation Number Validation Character:*
Reciprocal Agreement Flag:*
Charged Offense Code:SPEEDING 20-141(B)
Charged Offense Date:07-15-2015
Arraigned Offense Code:SPEEDING 20-141(B)
Convicted Offense Code:IMPROPER EQUIP – SPEEDOMETER 20-123.2
Plea:Responsible to Lesser
Method of Disposition:Judge
Offense Disposition Date:09-18-2015
Judge Code:CPB
Fines DDDDD.CC:25.00
Waive Court Cost:Not Waived
Monies Paid Flag:Defendant has complied with fine or cost
Offense Time:0840P
Court Costs:238.00
Charged Speed:070
Charged Speed Zone:55
Arraigned Speed Zone:55
Arraigned Speed:070
Event Date:09-21-2015
Event Description:YCON CCDISPO D
Attorney Line Number:DA
Attorney Assigned Date:09-18-2015
Attorney Type:State

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